CC Buttocks Lifting Gel

CC Buttocks is a cheap and effective alternative to costly surgery. This sensational formula firms and raises skin on buttocks and hips. An ideal product to eliminate cellulite.

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CC Buttocks Lifting Gel


Cellulite is a very embarrassing problem which can significantly lower your self-esteem especially when swimming, sunbathing or during the intimate moments with your partner.

The sensational formula of CC Buttocks Lifting Gel will:

  • soften and firm the skin on your buttocks and hips,
  • significantly reduce cellulite and eliminate it completely after a longer use,
  • help you recover your self-esteem,
  • make you overcome your complexes,
  • allow you to wear clothes you previously only dreamed of,
  • make it possible to avoid costly surgery - you will get rid of cellulite at home!

Does CC Buttocks Lifting Gel really work?

As with every product available on the market, the result may differ from person to person. However, in each case CC Buttocks Lifting Gel markedly improves the appearance of your skin on buttocks and hips.

When applied twice a day, CC Buttocks Lifting Gel improves blood circulation, which in all cases results in a noticeable reduction of cellulite. A few weeks of regular use will make your cellulite disappear completely.

Directions for Use

Distribute the gel on buttock and hips skin twice a day. Gently massage the gel onto the skin until it is fully absorbed.



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