Orgasm Extra

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Now men can have a blast while having sexual intercourse. This amazing formula works to intensify the male orgasm, and you will be astonished with the results.

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Orgasm Extra


Men - have you been wondering lately if there is something missing in your sex life? Perhaps you've noticed that your orgasms just are quite as spectacular as they used to be. Well then, instead of continuing with these so-so orgasms why not do something about them? With Orgasm Extra you can have incredibly intense orgasms that will nearly knock your socks off.

As we age our blood vessels tend to lose their ability to stretch, meaning that our erections and orgasms may become less impressive as there is less blood flow and sensitivity in the penis. While many men just accept the fact that they aren't "getting there" like they used to, there is a solution. Simply by taking Orgasm Extra you can help restore the blood flow to the penis and return your orgasms to their former glory, and then some.

By taking two capsules one hour before sexual intercourse you will witness incredible results. A harder erection, more sensitivity and more intense orgasms are just a few of the benefits of Orgasm Extra. Even if you think your orgasms are "fine" - get this product and find out just how it is to have an amazing, intense and more satisfying orgasm.


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